Building Life

The Trane Approach

Trane doesn’t just follow industry standards. We define them.

Buildings. They are the environments in which we live and work, learn and play, heal and grow.  And Trane makes high performance buildings better for everyone inside. Our innovative solutions create spaces that are reliable and safe, as well as healthy, comfortable and efficient – which in turn yields greater productivity and profitability.

Trane also improves the life of the building itself. We collaborate with building owners and operators to create high performance buildings that contribute measurable, year-over-year benefits and support mission-critical objectives. Together, we explore the mission of the organization within the building itself, along with its strategic and financial objectives, and the inevitable challenges that come with improving building performance. And we work together to determine the ways the building environment impacts the organization for the better.

Next, Trane applies the right methodology. From a preliminary energy audit through a complete performance analysis, Trane examines each building’s critical systems and energy use — and considers how they stand up to the customer’s objectives. Because a careful look at the facility reveals not only how it performs from an operational point of view, but also how it interacts with the people inside.

Finally, we look ahead to ensure those benefits are measurable now, and sustainable for the future. Because Trane is committed to delivering sustainable performance, innovation and knowledge – for the life of your high performance buildings, and your organization. As an industry leader, we deliver Performance, Innovation, Commitment and Knowledge at every turn. Our latest product launches are the result of a long-term relationship with our customers to ensure we continue to deliver solutions to meet their needs: Sintesis eXcellent air-cooled chillers, XStream water-cooled chillers, Airfinity™ Rooftops, UniTrane™ Terminals, New Balance™ CMAB Multi-pipe units. All of our units have been validated in our new Trane European HVAC testing facility, capable of simulating the widest range of operating conditions. And with an extended service network throughout Europe and over 1000 of the best-trained sales engineers and service technicians in the industry strategically located in each country, Trane offers effective support in increasing reliability, improving cost of ownership and reducing environmental impact to ensure your original investment delivers a solid return from its first day of operation until the day it needs replacement.