Refrigerant Management

We recognize that the choice of management is not always easy as several factors have to be considered and balanced in order to make the right decision. Trane is committed to providing our customers with equipment and systems that are environmentally responsible and good for business. Trane service representatives are experts in offering the right refrigerant for the right application at the right time, while complying with all legislations.

Main features

Standard monitor

  • Semi-conductor technology
  • Integrated visible and sound alarm
  • Multi-refrigerant control
  • Sensitivity: 10ppm
  • Can be connected to a Trane Building Management System

Premium monitor

  • Photo-acoustic Infrared technology
  • LCD display
  • Multi-refrigerant control
  • Sensitivity: 1ppm
  • Can be connected to a Trane Building Management System

Leak testing

Trane offers a tailored leak testing procedure to identify where a refrigerant leak occurs.

Customer benefits

  • Early awareness ensures earlier corrective actions
  • Proactive measurement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reduction of your building and system impact on the environment and human health
  • Improvement of your equipment operation
  • Risk reduction of costly breakdowns
  • Extension of your equipment lifetime.
  • Compliance with (EU) F-Gas regulation and/ or ozone regulation workplace codes (health and safety), and other national regulations.

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