Automatic Tube Cleaning

Fouled heat exchangers can decrease system effectiveness dramatically, for instance just 1 mm of scale can result in a 45% reduction in efficiency. For this reason, all properly maintained heat exchangers are cleaned regularly. Imagine a system that never stops cleaning your heat exchanger, Trane can provide you with two choice of technologies ensuring that your system always operates at peak efficiency and will save on maintenance costs and downtime. 


Two hydro-mechanical cleaning systems:

  • Ball tech system: Specially developed sponge balls are injected into the chiller condensing water flow to provide continuous tube cleaning while the chiller is in operation
  • Brush system: In each condenser tube, a brush is driven from one end of the tube to the other by the water flow to provide continuous tube cleaning while the chiller is in operation


  • Adaptable: Our solutions suit all tube-in-shell heat exchangers. They are supplied fully programmed,
    with settings for varied water quality.
  • Improved operating efficiency: lower energy use
  • Extended chiller life cycle: condenser tube corrosion is eliminated
  • No chiller downtime: the automatic tube cleaning system functions while the chiller is operating
  • Low maintenance solutions: The sponge balls and brushes have a long service life and are the only consumables.
  • Reduced water treatment costs: Water treatment is only required to prevent scaling of ancillary equipment, leading to cost savings of up to 50% on chemicals.
  • Zero environmental impact: Trane automatic tube cleaning uses no chemicals and so creates no waste
    or pollution.

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