Chiller Control Upgrade

Trane’s Tracer AdaptiView™ chiller controller allows chillers to operate at optimum performance and efficiency. Why not let your chillers benefit from advances in technology? We can retrofit old chiller controllers with Tracer AdaptiView™ so you can start saving.


  • Large, full-color touchscreen for fingertip control of chiller subsystems
  • Instant access to operational data for faster issue analysis and resolution
  • At-a-glance status updates readily display key operating parameters
  • Easy-to-read trending charts and diagnostic reports help fine tune chiller control
  • Industry-leading algorithms optimize control during rapidly changing conditions

Customer benefits

Tracer AdaptiView helps operators keep the chiller plant running at its most efficient level through a graphical user interface that provides deeper understanding, along with quicker response times:

  • Improves operator productivity
  • Guarantees continuous operation utilizing industry best adaptive control algorithms
  • Optimizes chiller operation
  • Offers easier integration in Building Automation Systems thanks to open protocol flexibility

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