1.000-140.000 m3/h

Main features CCTA

  • 180 standard units sizes unit sizes for airflow from 1000 to 140000 m3/h: indoor and outdoor versions
  • Casing thermal performances: D1/L1/F9/T3/TB3 (Casing CCTA 50 mm PU) Eurovent certified
  • Strong casing framework manufactured with extruded anti-corrosion aluminium profiles, fitted with nylon fibre glass stiffened angles
  • Double sealing system to provide optimal casing air leakage
  • Exclusive panel fixing system, with screwless panel-lock system, providing a neat external finishing
  • 25 or 50 mm thick sandwich-type panels made of galvanized steel inside and white pre-painted steel outside
  • Panel insulation made of CFC-free injected polyurethane foam
  • Filters fitted on self compressive rail system
  • Coil mounted on rails for easy removal
  • Available components: panel and bag filters, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, auto-roll filter, FC/BI/Aerofoil centrifugal fans EC motors, plug fans, water coils, DX coil, electric, heaters, steam coils, condensing coils, air washers, steam humidifiers, humidifiers, atomizing humidifiers, plate heat exchangers, thermal wheels, run around coils, silencers, mixing chambers, multi-zone sections

Main features CCTB

  • Same flexibility as CCTA range, with:
    • Aluminium frame work with integrated plastic thermal break
    • 40 or 60 mm thick panels thick panels with integrated thermal break, polyurethane foam insulation
    • Enhanced casing thermal performances: D1/L1/F9/ T2/TB2 Eurovent certified
    • Smooth internal walls with 4 points inclined drain pan

Customer benefits

  • Extreme flexibility in construction and dimensions to fit your exact requirements
  • Easy installation via modular construction and easy module connection system
  • Low energy consumptions and specific fan power with high efficiency recovery and components
  • Cleanable and enhanced casing design for higher indoor air quality
  • Compliant to VDI 6022 and DIN 1946 available with Eurovent Class A energy class
  • All panels removable for fully accessibility


  • High density Rockwool insulation (80 kg/m3)
  • Inner / outer skins made of peraluman, stainless steel 304 or 316 metal sheet
  • Flat packed/kit form delivery
  • All internal parts coated or made in stainless steel


  • Inspection windows and wired lights
  • Manometers and pressure switches
  • Flexible connections, weather louvers, intake hoods, sand trap louvers

Controls (available in certain countries only)

  • Factory-mounted controls including complete control panel
  • Functionally tested prior to shipment
  • MP581 programmable air handling unit controller
  • Advanced and customized controls strategies
  • Starters, variable frequency drives
  • Sensors and actuators
  • On-site commissioning

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