Climate control for optimal shopping conditions

Creating the perfect atmosphere

From simple stores to modern shopping complexes, Trane has experience in the retail business. We know that the temperature, humidity and ventilation management needs of stores are different than for other buildings. Leveraging our experience, we can help you identify specific areas for energy and comfort improvement and keep your buildings operating at their designed levels.

And with contingency planning and our thousands of equipment and controls technicians, we can help you reduce the risk of lost sales due to comfort system failure.

Delivered system

Trane’s light commercial Building Management System (BMS) only requires a few settings to be implemented on an application. Thanks to the capability of any Trane HVAC equipment to communicate over a network, the BMS manages to identify the equipment that is linked together, builds the corresponding database and automatically offers to the end user, predefined functions such as time-of-day schedule, automatic setpoint reset, zone management or alarming menu, with almost no labor required.

If you want to customize your interface, convenient software is available to do this. The system is compact and convenient to install and connect. Trane’s equipment uses open standard protocols, which are often present in retail buildings

The advantage of single sourcing

Trane’s delivered system offers an additional perspective, since every piece of the puzzle comes from the same manufacturer. It is far easier to coordinate equipment delivery, commissioning and fine-tuning, since only one contact is involved for this. On top of this, Trane personnel are well trained for the entire system components, ensuring efficiency in commissioning, and fast response.

Energy savings

Various pre-engineered tactics, such as setpoint reset, time-of-day scheduling and duty cycle, have been implemented in the system to improve system energy efficiency, without altering system comfort management capability. Trane’s system is easy to install, set up and use. This means that system updates, daily operations and maintenance can be done by operation personnel very easily, requiring very little training. Trane’s system also has the capability to control ancillary equipment, such as lights, parking lots, energy meters, and any equipment controlled by to a time-of-day schedule. Trane’s delivered BMS for commercial applications is a powerful answer to customers who want a very easy-to-use system, capable of simplifying their operations along the complete project life cycle.


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