Sustainability at Country Financial

The five-story headquarters of COUNTRY Financial, located in suburban St. Paul, Minn., received a systems overhaul from Trane, reducing energy costs and increasing energy and operational efficiency. Leaders of the financial services and products company expect the upgrades to save more than 8 percent in annual energy costs. 

These advances represent a collaboration between COUNTRY Financial and Trane in transforming the headquarters into a high performance building that supports the company’s business philosophy and mission. Improvements include:

  • Installation of a Trane Tracer™ building automation system (BAS) to expedite facility management and energy tracking

  • Implementation of Trane Intelligent Services (TIS) to optimize building performance

  • Installation of an updated control solution on the chiller

  • Addition of variable speeds on pump motors for optimum energy efficiency

  •  Adoption of data center instrumentation to ensure constant uptime and computing availability.

The phased-in approach allowed COUNTRY Financial leaders to optimize building performance, even while reducing facilities staff. Improvements in earlier phases delivered savings while providing the tools and data to drive later initiatives. 

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