Tracer™ zone controllers

ZN523, ZN525 and UC400

Tracer™ zone controllers provide advanced digital control for chilled water terminal units, such as fan coils, chilled beams or cassettes.

The Tracer UC400 is a programmable BACnet unit controller that is designed to work with the Tracer SC and third party BACnet MS/TP systems. The Tracer UC400 has the I/O and size to meet the controls needs for VAV, fan coil, blower coil, unit ventilators, small air handlers, valves, boiler sequencing, and other general I/Os. When additional I/O is required, expansion modules are available (XM30, XM32, and XM70).

The Tracer ZN523 and Tracer ZN525 are microprocessor-based direct digital controllers especially developed for EC motor fan technology. They offer unique solutions designed to meet all our customers’ space comfort needs:

  • Application flexibility
  • Scalable system design
  • Temperature control
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Quick Return On Investment

Tracer ZN525 offers variable speed fan motor control capability.

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