Tracer™ SC controller

Solution for small and medium buildings

Tracer® SC is a Building Automation System (BAS) with a web-based interface to streamline facility management without reinventing the entire system. Adding Tracer SC to your system provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for programming and managing facility climate that can extend to lighting and energy consumption.

Accessible from any PC, tablet or connected device, Tracer SC eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor, so you can manage system performance whenever, wherever it is convenient. Tracer SC controller management tool reduces scheduling, reporting and applications programming chores to simple “point-and-click” tasks. The intuitive online tools produce improved efficiencies, increased tenant comfort and reduced energy costs, adding up to a better bottom line.

Tracer™ SC architecture perfectly fits today’s requirements of Building Management systems for small and medium sized buildings: It embeds the latest Web technologies which allow the users to navigate throughout the system features, from wherever they are. Tracer™ SC licensing being based on the number of devices in the system, there are virtually no limits in terms of number of users that can access web pages at a given time. This provides full flexibility to the asset managers in defining the various team members access profiles, no matter how many people have to interact with the system. Embeds all Trane pre-engineered applications (Chiller Plant Control, Variable Air Systems, Automatic Ventilation, IAQ control, Schedules,...)

The mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play:

Apple App Store: Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite

Google Play: Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite

The Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite mobile app has all that you need to check your building’s Tracer® SC HVAC system to see what’s happening, to respond to hot/cold calls quickly and get more done in your day. Your building, at your fingertips.

The Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite mobile app allows Tracer® SC building operators to control their buildings from anywhere. The mobile app puts monitoring equipment, making set point changes, controlling spaces, and managing alarms in the palm of your hand. It gives you peace of mind when you are away and flexibility to check in when you are not at your desk.

The Tracer® BAS Operator Suite works with the Trane building automation system controller: Tracer SC version 3.6 and higher. The BAS suite is fully integrated with Tracer® SC – just log in to view your building! The BAS Suite works with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® devices as well as Android™ devices.

With the Trane BAS Operator Suite, you can:

Manage Alarms

  • See the active and historic alarms in your system, their severity and what generated the alarms.
  • Acknowledge new alarms and add comments for others to see.
  • Keep the alarm log tidy with the delete alarm functionality.

View Status

  • See what’s happening in spaces, with equipment and entire systems.
  • Built-in graphics for easy to read status, at a glance, including animations.

Take Action

  • Respond to hot/cold calls by adjusting setpoints, overriding equipment and occupancy.

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