Rental applications: cooling, heating or both?

Trane’s complete offering for cooling and heating needs

A wide-ranging, modern, perfectly maintained fleet of Trane chillers, heat pumps and rooftops supported by a full range of ancillary items. These are the building blocks to create the perfect solution for your HVAC needs.

A comprehensive and risk-free solution built on a modern, efficient and wide-ranging fleet.

Our Rental engineers will understand your needs and configure the best solution from our flexible, modern, efficient and reliable Trane fleet. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, each project is executed in the safest, fastest and most professional manner.

Constantly evolving

The Trane Rental fleet features the latest Trane chillers, heat pumps and rooftops, equipped with quick connections for air, water and electricity. Rental units have crash frames for better protection and handling.

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Cooling Hire

For air conditioning or for process cooling, many applications require cold air, cold water or brine at a variety of temperatures ranging from -40°C to +25°C. Trane Rental Services can deliver the cooling you need, in any form and capacity. 

Trane’s legendary reliability and outstanding efficiency in delivering cold air, cold water or brine.

Ideal for
Comfort cooling or process cooling across a wide range of temperatures and applications, such as data centres, production sites, warehouses and events.

Heating Hire

At Trane, we strongly believe in the electrification of heating and our Rental fleet is regularly updated with rooftops, heat pumps and multi-pipe units for cooling and heating.

Rooftops, heat pumps and multi-pipe units are all-year-round products: they can cool and heat depending on the season, for the highest flexibility of applications. They use renewable energy sources for heating and use no fossil fuel for the lowest environmental and safety impact. 

Ideal for
Four-season cooling and heating needs. Heat recovery or “free heating” applications. Events and gatherings where fuel hazard is a concern.