Trane Heating. Naturally.

Powered by Trane - Sustained by Nature

Facing unprecedented climate change, we must all challenge what's possible to make our world sustainable.  Our society demands that we act bolder and take steps to positively influence our climate and our planet. 

Part of taking care of our planet is, together, drastically reducing CO2 emissions, or decarbonizing.

Traditional heating is energy intensive, consumes fossil fuels and generates emissions that are harmful to our planet and to people’s health.

Thankfully, there are natural and renewable energy sources everywhere, such as in the air or in lakes and rivers.  Even better, there is energy that is free for taking in most buildings and that a Trane heat pump/multi-pipe unit can be used to deliver Free Heating

By making it a priority to claim this existing energy and repurposing it in a smart and innovative HVAC system design using the latest technologies, everyone wins:

  • We keep people comfortable in healthcare faciliites, offices, factories, warehouses, hotels, and the list goes on....
  • We keep people healthier and breathing better quality indoor and outdoor air
  • We keep people productive and focused on their work
  • We do our part to achieve critical missions
  • We keep industrial processes running

While delivering unprecedented savings on fossil fuel consumption, emissions and carbon footprint.

Powered by Trane
Sustained by Nature

The broad range of energy-efficient Trane heating solutions cover any need, whether it is

  • Heating or cooling (heat pumps)
  • Heating while cooling (chillers with heat recovery)
  • Heating while cooling or heating (heat pumps with heat recovery)
  • Any combination above (multi-pipe units)
  • And when cooling remains the main need, our reliable chillers are always there to be integrated into the perfect HVAC system design.  Our powerful Trane controls oversee the system and orchestrate for optimum operation.

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