Trane Extended Start

System performance baseline

Main features

Trane Extended Start is the baseline for high performance buildings: 12 months of value-added services.

Trane Extended Start goes above and beyond the warranty and includes five essential services and three optional services which will create a system baseline to build a strong high performance building foundation.

  • Validate Installation and Startup
    Most HVAC failures occur during the first year of he system’s operation.
  • Monitor Critical Parameters and Adjust System Settings Monitoring
    First-year operation and critical parameters are crucial during the initial break-in months.

Customer benefits

Make sure your HVAC system gets off to the right start with Trane Extended Start. It’s the best way to validate proper installation and assure the highest level of performance during that all-important first year of operation

Trane Extended Start assures your investment is properly integrated into your environment and is providing peak performance and efficient energy use.

5 Essential Services

  • Post-installation inspection
    Validate that installation and start-up were done to factory specifications.
  • Benchmark report
    Analysis of the current operating characteristics of your equipment. It will be an “as-installed” benchmark to  track changes in performance in later years.
  • Health check inspection
    Measures critical parameters, adjust unit control settings and correct any operational deviations.
  • Chiller oil analysis
    Analyzes samples, indicates any deviation and recommends corrective actions.
  • Filter changes
    As per Trane recommendations to maximize flow and system efficiency

3 Optional Services

  • Vibration analysis
    To establish a benchmark reference to later identify a range of future faults such as shaft misalignment, bearing defects, or motor electrical problems.
  • Get conneted
    To remotely monitor critical alarms, provide periodic communications link verification and produce automatic critical alarm activity reports.
  • Operator training
    Your operators receive on-site training on best operation and maintenance procedures to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of your system.

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