Trane for Engineers

Helping you help your clients

This site has been designed to help you, the building engineer, advise your clients on HVAC solutions that meet their objectives as effectively as possible. This is your single access point for staying in touch with new products, systems and solutions from Trane with the latest literature.

The contents should allow you to efficiently communicate to your clients a systems approach for the HVAC needs, showing them that integrated systems, controls and services from Trane can deliver long-term quality and sustainability, while also representing an excellent return on their Investment.

Helping clients fulfill their needs

Trane is one of the world’s leading HVAC systems and controls providers, with an approach defined by continuous innovation and intelligent, customized solutions for diverse building and industrial processes.

We believe that integrated systems and service solutions will enhance building performance, improve quality of life for building occupants and help building owners meet their specific business operational objectives.

Total Lifecycle Management

Building owners today are more and more concerned with the cost of energy, maintenance, service and other factors – costs that, in aggregate, can account for as much as 80% of total lifecycle costs. That’s why Trane offers support for every stage of the HVAC systems’ lifecycle.

At the planning and concept stages, we have the technical expertise and the knowledge of different building types for specific markets to help ensure that initial specifications align with the need for maximum efficiency.

At the design stage, our wide-ranging equipment and control selection offers solutions to meet every need. The recent introduction of our Flex Series and Sintesis eXcellent air cooled chillers and of the XStream water-cooled chillers are proof of Trane's continued commitment to innovation. In addition, the latest expansion of our line of multi-pipe units with Trane Balance is one example of our strength in providing sustainable solutions to applications looking to simultaneously deliver heating and cooling.

At the installation stage, our commissioning offerings ensure that the new equipment or system is properly started and operates at design parameters.

Finally, with a full range of aftermarket capabilities and an extended service network, Trane offers parts and services to suit very specific requirements. From monitoring and maintenance to retrofits and replacement, we can help HVAC systems run with maximum efficiency throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Working towards high performance buildings

Many building owners are now looking to reduce costs and energy consumption, lower their environmental impact and leverage their building to advance core business objectives. Trane offers a large range of modernization solutions that improve the building operation at the Components and Plant levels to enhance the performance of Customers' HVAC system key indicators:  Efficiency, Reliability and the Environment. Read more about Trane Building Advantage.