Sintesis™ Family

Trane’s Sintesis™ portfolio of air-cooled chillers, air-to-water heat pumps and multi-pipe units represents the industry leading performance and flexibility. Always striving for a perfect fit, not only to your building and application requirements, but also to your sustainability and budget targets. 

The Sintesis™ platform encompasses products with 3 different compressor technologies, multiple efficiency levels and acoustic packages, several refrigerant options, and many additional energy saving solutions.

The Sintesis™ Excellent model GVAF, featuring high speed centrifugal compressors, provides a wide capacity range up to 1.6 MW with industry leading part load and full load efficiencies. Two efficiency levels, three acoustic packages, two refrigerant alternatives (R134a, R1234ze) and optional Free Cooling will ensure a perfect fit to any building, application and sustainability target requirements. 

The Sintesis™ Prime model RTAF featuring screw compressors, combines exceptional efficiency with smart operation ensuring low operating costs. Five efficiency versions, five levels of sound attenuation, three refrigerant options (R134a, R513A. R1234ze), four Free Cooling solutions, two heat recovery options, and numerous product configurations to choose from. 

The Sintesis™ Advantage model CGAF chiller and CXAF heat pump featuring scroll compressors, provides top-class performance at a lower operating cost, all packaged in a compact design. Three  levels of efficiency, three acoustic packages, Free Cooling solution, two heat recovery options and multiple fan configurations to ensure a system always tailored to your specific application. 

The Sintesis™ Balance model CMAF multi-pipe unit featuring scroll compressors, provides simultaneous cooling and heating.

The choice of innovation is endless at Trane with the Sintesis portfolio.