Tracer AdaptiView™

Trane AdaptiView chiller control lets building operating staff take command of the chiller plant in a way never before possible. Through a full color touch-screen display and interactive animated graphics, opeartor are able to view, access and control complex chiller operations and functions; gain insights into the operating patterns, energy use and system performance. This advanced level of control translates into enhanced building performance that can help keep building occupants cool, critical processes operational, and sustain superior energy efficiency:

  • Optimal chiller operation delivers more hours at peak efficiency, particularly in variable-primary flow applications.
  • Trane's industry-leading, time-tested Adaptive ControlTM works with the unique capabilities of the CenTraVacTM chiller to keep your building operational even during the most challenging conditions when other chillers would shut down.
  • Unit level open protocol flexibility including BACnetTM, Modbus RTU, or LonTalkTM with no gateways.
  • Ergonomic arm enables viewing from virtually any height or angle, regardless of close quarters where chiller is installed.
  • 24 languages can be selected instantly right on the panel.

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