About Building Controls

Whether managing one or many facilities, Trane provides the needed support by selecting, designing and implementing the best control solutions for your building’s requirements.

Trane Building Automation Systems sustain the system performance over the building lifetime through monitoring and systems alarms, commissioning, measurement and analysis. Each component is coordinated for optimal performance of the entire HVAC system.

Single buildings can have intricate HVAC and energy management needs while a complex of multiple buildings has an even greater diversity of comfort and energy management requirements. Trane offers many options in building automation systems, software and controllers. Whether you have a single building in one location or several buildings in multiple locations, you can choose the system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Trane controls are the keystone to making buildings work better for life. They are engineered with a unique approach to deliver the best system efficiency taking into account the system design requirements for both the HVAC application and the HVAC system. Trane has in depth technical knowledge of complex HVAC system applications allowing us the expertise to implement the best performing controls strategy corresponding to each customer's application requirements and business priorities. 


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