Fast response for data centre cooling

Project Highlights

i18n.customerStory.label.location France

i18n.customerStory.label.industry Data Centers

i18n.customerStory.label.rentalneed trane-commercial:trane-europe/rental-needed/hvac-cooling

i18n.customerStory.label.productsinstalled 2 air-cooled screw chillers

i18n.customerStory.label.coolingcapacity 1.3 MW

data center cooling


A major colocation data centre in France had suffered several consecutive chiller failures in their existing cooling installation. Because the data centre wanted to keep running optimally, the facility needed additional temperature control capacity to ensure all-time maximum availability to customers.


The local Rental team of engineers and application specialists sprang into action. They surveyed the facility needs and designed a 1.3 MW cooling system that would handle the required loads and improve cooling performance.

Within 48 hours, two high-efficiency Sinstesis RTAF air-cooled chillers were installed and commissioned, securing the IT room operation.


Trane Rental Services deployed the reliable and efficient cooling needed. The provided solution gave operators the peace of mind that the necessary back-up was in place with non-stop availability ensured.

Data centres cannot afford downtime. Our massive rental fleet services for temporary and scalable HVAC are available to meet emergency demands. Trane Rental teams of engineers, technicians and energy optimisation experts are ready to provide a proactive and predictive response to any system issues.