Heating hire

Heating delivered – sustainably, promptly, safely

For space heating, domestic hot water or process heating, many applications require warm air or warm to hot water. Trane Rental Services can deliver the heating you need, in any form and capacity. Our fleet is exclusively based on heat pump technology for the most sustainable, efficient and safe heating

Heating solutions for all applications and needs

Trane engineers can leverage our wide-ranging, modern and efficient fleet of heat pumps, air handling units and rooftops to deliver heating in the most effective and reliable way. We don’t just deliver a heater – we deliver sustainable heating services and solutions.

  • Renewable and sustainable heating

    Renewable and sustainable heating

    Heat pump technology uses renewable energy from the air, from water or from the ground. For 1 kW of electricity, our heat pumps and rooftops deliver at least 3 kW of heating. On a boiler or traditional heater, for every 1 kW burned you get less than 1 kW of useful heat.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly

    Safe and environmentally friendly

    Our heat pumps and rooftops do not use any fossil fuel – all they need is electricity to operate. So no expensive and risky management of fuel, and no local emissions or pollution.

  • Trane reliability, efficiency, and service coverage

    Trane reliability, efficiency, and service coverage

    All our equipment is perfectly maintained according to the highest standards and our customers can count on our extensive network of service engineers for outstanding 24/7 support.

A wide range of equipment, always evolving

The Trane Rental fleet features the latest Trane chillers, rooftops and air handling units, equipped with quick connections for air, water and electricity and crash frames for better protection and handling.

The newest Trane products are quickly integrated into the fleet to offer our Rental customers the best performance and the most modern technology.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps (AW HP) are an ideal solution for warm water production. Their integrated evaporator coil captures the heat from the outside air. All our units are reversible – they can produce cold water by inverting the thermodynamic cycle, making them an ideal all-year-round solution.


Air Handling Units - AHU

An AHU is the ideal companion for a heat pump as a way to heat the air using warm water. A combination of heat pumps and AHUs can perform the most complex of tasks with great flexibility and scalability. Small air handling units or AHUs are very effective at distributing cooling or heating to multiple spaces or implementing a uniform distribution in a single large space. They also offer the flexibility to adjust different areas to different temperatures and they can deal with high static pressure requirements.


For space heating, nothing is more practical and effective than a Trane rooftop unit, integrating all functions of cooling, heating and ventilation. Electrical power is the only thing needed to operate a rooftop unit. Nothing else: no water and no fuel. Thanks to integrated fresh air and recirculation management, a Trane rooftop unit minimises losses and maximises system efficiency.

Water source heat pumps

A water source heat pump (WSHP) captures the heat from a water source through its evaporator. The water source can be a river or a lake, but most commonly in rental applications we deal with process water for cooling needs, or else the condenser waste heat loop from an existing water-cooled chiller plant.

By running its thermodynamic cycle, the WSHP delivers warm or hot water at a higher temperature level than the cold source water. The process is very efficient and it can reach a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of above 6. This means that 1 kW energy spent corresponds to 6 kW heat delivered). When the evaporator is connected to a cooling loop, the unit is cooling and heating at the same time. This simultaneous effect makes heating generation so efficient that we refer to it as “free heating”.

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