Cooling and heating are services, not products. A process or a building does not need a chiller or a boiler sitting on a roof, but a reliable and efficiency supply of cold or hot water, cold or warm air. This is the essence of what we do at Trane Rental Services. Let us take care of it for you.

Rental applications

Most businesses and buildings need cooling, heating or both. Trane Rental has the perfect solution for all applications. 

Rental needs

From a 1-day event to a multi-year industrial cooling job, we can satisfy all your needs for cooling and heating which would benefit from a Rental solution. 

Cold Storage

Trane low temperature technologies offer a large range of solutions from -70°C to +40°C for multiple storage and warehousing applications.

Circular economy

Trane Rental Services bring you a step forward in the circular economy. Let us introduce our EaaSy offering to you. 

Rental markets

Our experience and knowledge of specific markets are the key for a successful implementation. From the smallest temporary ice rink in a little town to a hyper-scale data centre, we know how to cool and heat.

Rental equipment

Trane Rental Services can rely on the legendary reliability of Trane products, as well as the latest technologies, to deliver the best customer experience..

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