Advanced technology tested with Trane EaaSy

Project Highlights

i18n.customerStory.label.location The Netherlands

i18n.customerStory.label.rentalneed trane-commercial:trane-europe/rental-needed/process-cooling

i18n.customerStory.label.productsinstalled 3 Sintesis RTAF air-cooled screw chillers

i18n.customerStory.label.coolingcapacity 2500 kW

air cooled screw chiller


This modern manufacturing facility in the north of The Netherlands continually invests in innovation and industry-leading technology. After designing a new production process for their latest technology development, it was time to proceed with the test phase. The plant needed to expand the cooling capacity of its cooling tower. Calculations helped to determine the an additional cooling capacity requirement of1500 kW.

High efficiency and precise hire cooling were required from a reliable partner. Applying chiller technology to process cooling is one of Trane’s strong areas of expertise.


Trane Rental Services was called on for this important collaboration. The Netherlands team initiated the installation with two Sintesis RTAF 205 air-cooled screw chillers, each providing 750 kW. The first tests showed that more cooling was required. A third RTAF 245 chiller was then added for an additional 1000 kW.


The professional guidance offered by the Trane local team led to positive results. Based on the success of the first testing phase, the customer decided to keep the three chillers for a full year. The Rental team recommended converting the rental agreement into a Trane EaaSy contract.

Thanks to the Trane EaaSy contract, the industrial plant moved forward with their production transformation. With maximum flexibility and easy switching of HVAC equipment, Trane EaaSy offers minimised running costs and full maintenance and warranty cover.