Rental sharing and circular economy

A step towards sustainability

Selecting a rental solution is a responsible choice to promote a more sustainable approach to HVAC. The flexibility of the EaaS business model is the key to rethinking our approach to HVAC and making a big step towards more sustainable cooling and heating.

Reduce energy intensity and consumption of natural resources

There are plenty of real-life HVAC applications where a rental solution can help reduce the carbon footprint or energy intensity, either by sharing equipment or by always running the most recent machine, at the cutting edge of technology.

The advantages of EaaS – Equipment as a Service

The flexibility of the EaaS model builds agility and resilience into your business.

Sharing equipment is caring for our planet

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EaaSy sharing

For every customer with a seasonal demand for cooling or heating, there is always another customer with an opposite need. Trane Rental Services are the centre point between these two customers and can guarantee the same service level of two separate pieces of equipment with the use of a single unit, fully utilised across the year.

A responsible choice to halve the resource consumption that would be required to build two separate pieces of equipment when only one is actually needed.

Ideal for
Customers and applications with a seasonal cooling or heating requirement.. 

EaaSy upgrade

When cooling or heating demand is all-year-round, a Trane EaaSy solution is ideal to regularly upgrade the customer HVAC system and keep up with the highest-efficiency technology as they are introduced to the market.

Operate a system that is always on top of the efficiency curve for HRminimum energy costs and maximum footprint reduction. Swap equipment as often as you want.

Ideal for
Customers and applications with a full-year heating or cooling demand, where energy intensity, energy costs and carbon footprint are the most compelling drivers.


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