1-way cassette

Main features

  • Low profile with 306 mm unit height fits in all narrowed false ceiling voids
  • Louvered linear return air grill with 45° pitch angle avoid mix of supply and return air
  • Supply air round dampers with 4 jaws sized to optimize the air throw with perfect Coanda effect at all fan speed
  • 3 fan speeds factory set, adjustable on-site
  • Fresh intake connections on two return airsides

Customer benefits

  • Air distribution through perfect Coanda effect for a high level of comfort
  • Silent operation: high level of acoustic comfort
  • Factory-configured unit controls for ease of installation and immediate start up
  • Best of control technology to deliver a remarkable level of comfort
  • Excellent air filtering with the louvered return air grill design which frees up 100% of opening space to the filter

Range description

  • CFAS: cassette with AC fan motor
  • CFAE: cassette with EC fan motor


  • Raised plenum version increases the condensate gravity drainage capability up to 160 mm
  • G0 or EU3 filter factory-mounted
  • 2 fan speeds factory set for perfect capacity and sound fit to air-conditioning load
  • Factory-mounted electric heater, drain pump, 2 and 3-way water valves
  • Factory-mounted controls for standalone, master/slave and Building Management System applications

Energy saving options

  • EC fan motor allows for 60% reduction in annual energy consumption


  • Constant volume dampers from 30 to 180 m3/h associated with Ø 99 or Ø 124 mm spigot
  • Auxiliary drain pan for left or right hand
  • On/off 2 and 3-way water valve with thermal actuators
  • Large selection of thermostats


  • Large choice of wall thermostats to cover all standalone unit applications
  • Up to 20 units group control with infrared or wall-mounted thermostat interface

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