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Efficiency and Uptime optimization

Dominate your data domain

Trane's unrivaled expertise, scale, and speed gives you greater control over your growth destiny.

Stream. Store. Shop. Secure. Share. We are witnessing a data growth explosion like the world has never seen. And in the data centers where it all lives and multiplies, there are servers to cool, energy efficiency and sustainability goals to meet and rapid growth to contend with. If your ambitions are as big as the world’s demand for data, you need a proven ally that can deliver data center cooling solutions to keep you up and running while growing. Only Trane has the expertise, scale and speed to help you not just meet the world’s ever-growing demand for data but outpace it.

Cooling expertise

Our teams of engineers, technicians and energy optimization experts are ready to take your data center to the next level while maintaining reliability and maximizing efficiency:

  • A complete portfolio of high-efficiency and reliable HVAC equpiment for mission critical applications. 
  • Application engineering expertise to optimize systems, maintain uptime and meet your continually evolving needs.
  • Proactive and predictive response to system issues with the largest service organization in the industry.

Go big. Or go bigger.

With rising data demand growth, you need a partner with the scale to make sure your operations can keep pace with your ambitions. Trane has in-region manufacturing capacity on a global scale with the cooling equipment to match your needs:

  • The ability to help you scale operations anywhere in the world. 
  • A comprehensive approach to energy supply, storage, and demand management.
  • Scalable redundancy while lowering cost and the unique aptitude to leverage thermal energy storage.

Fast tracking record

Slow isn’t an option in the data center space. We’re built to move quickly so you can scale to grow faster in order to position your company for long term success. Trane can rapidly develop, design, and deliver customized data center cooling solutions:

  • Minimum PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Massive rental fleet services for temporary, scalable HVAC and power to meet emergency demand.
  • Vast organization of highly skilled technicians.
  • Industry thought-leadership and insight to deliver current trends and offer future insights.

There is a lot riding on the operations of your datacenter and while maintaining maximum uptime is a requirement, using a lot of energy is not. If your systems are operating less than optimally, you may be spending more than necessary. Using solutions that uncover opportunities to optimize your building and its systems can help transform your building.

Trane Building Advantage combines a core expertise in building systems and services — and more than 100 years of industry experience — with technology and advanced analytics to bring you tailored upgrades to meet your sustainability goals.

Trane EaaSy help you stay on top of the latest technology to maximize savings and sustainability. Your data center needs a cooling service, not just cooling equipment. Trane Equipment-as-a-Service tailors cooling and heating services to your needs for a monthly fee, without the burden and risks of ownership.

Trane Rental Services provides comprehensive and tailored rental cooling solutions to mitigate risk during emergencies and planned shutdowns. Insufficient cooling capacity can cause costly disruptions and negatively impact quality and productivity. Our vast organization of service experts offer massive rental services 24/7 to ensure all your temporary needs are fully covered.

Trane Tracer SC+ is a fully flexible control solution that provides a clear and intuitive user Interface for local or remote monitoring. This includes remote service from Trane chiller engineers.

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