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Run your building smartly and simply with the Tracer® Concierge™ system, which provides an easy and affordable way to control lighting and HVAC systems. Concierge goes beyond managing individual rooms, by running HVAC and lighting from one interface. The intuitive, local user interface simplifies daily operation and saves time making changes to the system.

The result is improved comfort and performance with reduced operating costs.  As a bundled system of proven Trane components, Concierge provides the feature-rich functionality of building automation, without added complexity.  The ability to fit the system to your specific building needs results in optimized building performance — and can contribute to greater efficiency and energy savings.

  • Bundled system: easy to install, reliable
  • Centralized operation: Efficient HVAC and Lighting
  • Intuitive interface: Easy-to-use, wall-mount display, with thermostat-like features
    • Up/down buttons for setpoint (spaces and areas)
    • Override on/cancel (spaces and areas)
    • Scheduling view/edit/exceptions
    • Custom graphics
  • Remote service: Notify building owner of service required and critical alarms only
  • Enhanced mobility: Mobile app available, so you can take your simplay display anywhere
    • Compatible with Android and IOS

Take your simple display anywhere


The mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play:

Apple App Store: Trane Tracer® Concierge™

Google Play: Trane Tracer® Concierge™

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Video: Trane Tracer™ Concierge Puts You in Control

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