Close Control Units

Climate control precision made easy with our close control units range

Uncompromised precision. More than ever data centers, server rooms, and other hi-tech areas require extreme reliability in their Climate Control System. If temperature or humidity levels stray even slightly, it can potentially lead to system failures and at times catastrophic financial losses. That’s why Trane, as part of its total building comfort solution concept, offers excellence in precision climate control for hi-tech facilities.

Trane’s close control units are not only precision controlled, but they provide the cooling to precisely where it is needed.


The Trane range of close control units gives you one of the widest choices of cooling capacities anywhere: from just 5kW to 130 kW. So whatever your cooling requirements, you can rest assured that we can handle them.

What’s more, the range offers a wide choice of configurations and airflow technologies.

Choose from direct expansion air-cooled units, water-cooled or even chilled water, energy-saving or twin-cool units.

You can also select from a range of fan types and options, everything you need to ensure you get the exact solution you require.