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Trane Rental Services are built on solid foundations. A substantial fleet of equipment provides a comprehensive range of performance and capability. Customers who need temporary cooling or heating can be confident of securing a solution to match their specific needs, whether planned or unexpected.

Additional Capacity
A cost effective solution where additional capacity is required to meet seasonal or fluctuating production demand or fulfil an urgent order.
Typical industries: plastics, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage.

Seasonal Cooling
Supplementary cooling to ensure indoor conditions are maintained at a constant temperature.
Typical applications: factories, warehouses, retail and offices.

On demand rental for when the unexpected happens and a rapid response is required.
Typical cases: breakdowns, natural disasters, activity relocation and interim storage.

Planned Equipment Intervention
Eliminates the time pressure associated with getting the primary HVAC system back. A rental system can provide continuous cooling during equipment change-outs or planned maintenance

Events and Occasions
Heating and cooling on a short term basis to support a specific event.
Typical applications: outdoor winter ice rinks and air conditioning for special events

Contingency Planning
A cooling contingency plan can reduce risks and sustain critical facility operations in the event of an emergency or to recover from a disaster.
Typical applications: hospitals, industrial installations, data centers.



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