Airfinity™ Solar

40-135 kW

Trane Airfinity™ Solar is a self-consumption PV system specially designed to be solar-ready, combining the best of both worlds:

Market-leading rooftop air-conditioning units together with proven silicon PV technology and best-in-class inverters.

Using clean solar energy, Trane integrated rooftop solution offers an innovative way to partially or totally power your air-conditioning system while continuing to benefit from the quick and easy installation of a direct expansion system.

This results in lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint without compromising comfort.

Main Features

The system comprises:

  • Airfinity™ rooftop units: High-efficiency direct expansion air-conditioning units designed to provide air-conditioning and ventilation to an indoor space
  • Silicon photovoltaic panels
  • Mounting structure used to support the PV panels without puncturing the building roof
  • High efficiency inverter
  • Double-insulated and UV resistant cables suitable for rooftop applications with water resistant IP65 crimped connectors

Customer benefits

  • Total solution: designed for high performance, easy installation and trouble-free operation in combination with the Trane Airfinity™ rooftop
  • Pre-packaged kit: Pre-designed PV kits, including the selected number of panels, inverters, cables and mounting structures required to meet your power requirements
  • Plug & Play installation: All components have been carefully selected to be easily connectable on-site, without any hassle
  • Flexible and scalable: Freedom to pick from a variety of kits and to include additional PV kit at a later time
  • Optimized for maximum efficiency: Airfinity™ Solar uses 98%+ efficient inverters allowing the use of ModBus for easy integration into a Building Management System
  • Ideal for BREAAM / LEED building certification: Increases the value of your property by using completely renewable and sustainable technologies

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