Multi-Pipe Units

With Trane's innovative Multi-pipe units:

You can cool one part of your building... while heating another part.... with ONE single HVAC unit.

Trane Multi-Pipe units offer:

  • Ultimate comfort – Simultaneous heating and cooling with one simple system
  • Best return for every kW/h of electricity used (the highest TER in the industry)
  • Lower operating costs to help you manage your bottom line
  • Flexibility to suit both new constructions and renovations
  • A safe water-based system
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 24/7 support service

Best Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) in the industry

What is TER?
The highest TER means that the cooling and heating demands of a building are completely balanced.  The ratio also expresses the substantial energy savings when the unit operates in the simultaneous cooling and heating mode.

If a building's heating demand does not exceed the cooling demand, the multi-pipe unit delivers comfort heating without increasing your energy bill thanks to the repurposing of recovered heat.

How is TER calculated?
The formula: TER = Cooling Capacity + Heating Capacity / Power input

TER and Eurovent
TER is defined in the Eurovent Certification program for multi-pipe units.

If you’re serious about efficiency and achieving environmental goals, you need the Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) benchmark to clearly demonstrate the unrivalled performance of multi-pipe units. Validated by Eurovent as a certified indicator of performance, TER combines EER and COP in a well-defined formula providing the MOST accurate indicator of the unit's total efficiency when meeting the building's simultaneous cooling and heating demands.