21-126 kW

Main features

  • Designed for environments in which high-tech equipment is the predominant heat source
  • Front access for total unit maintenance
  • High pressure centrifugal plenum fans with backward curved blades

Customer benefits

  • Flexibility: customized system to fit the application’s exact requirements
  • Accuracy: accurate temperature and humidity control for demanding applications
  • Sound level: one of the best acoustic comfort levels available in the market place

Range description

Unit with AC motor and backward curved fan

  • EDCB: Chilled water downflow
  • EUCB: Chilled water upflow
  • EDAB: Air-cooled direct expansion downflow
  • EUAB: Air-cooled direct expansion upflow
  • EDWB: Water-cooled direct expansion downflow
  • EUWB: Water-cooled direct expansion upflow

Unit with EC motor and backward curved fan

  • EDCV: Chilled water downflow
  • EUCV: Chilled water upflow
  • EDAV: Air-cooled direct expansion downflow
  • EUAV: Air-cooled direct expansion upflow
  • EDWV: Water-cooled direct expansion downflow
  • EUWV: Water-cooled direct expansion upflow


  • Electric reheat/enhanced electric reheat
  • Hot water/hot gas reheat
  • Variable speed EC fans motor
  • Electrode boiler humidifier
  • Air filters
  • Fresh air module
  • Air suction from the front, rear or base (upflow configuration only)
  • Front discharge floor stand
  • Different acoustic linings for the panels of the unit casing
  • Electronic expansion valve


  • Condensate drain pump
  • Humidifier condensate drain pump
  • External sensors for high ambient temperature and humidity alarm signals
  • Fire and/or smoke detector
  • Water leak detector
  • Base frames and plenums (intake or discharge) for easier integration

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