Food & Beverage

Ensuring proper cold chain management

The cold chain that stretches from producers to consumers through processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution is the key to ensuring the quality, safety and profitability of Food and Beverage.

From simple warehousing to complex food processing plants, Trane develops appropriate integrated low temperature systems meeting the air distribution, temperature, humidity and filtration requirements while complying with good engineering practices and local codes.

Unique cooling loads based on extreme conditions require high efficiency chillers at full and part load. Using glycol or brine solutions allows close control of indoor conditions and full capacity use of the optimized cooling coils.

Downtime is not an option. The reliability of the system is the result of optimizing design, equipment, installation and maintenance issues.

In the Food and Beverage industry, the HVAC system is paramount. This includes integration of several components like chillers, pumps, air distribution, temperature and humidity controls. And when planned shutdowns, emergencies or production peaks occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to substantially mitigate risk to food and beverage production.

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Why are HFOs the best choice for Process cooling applications such as Dairy, Vegetable Processing, Breweries, and so on?

Using the HFO R1234ze refrigerant offers many advantages compared to NH3 (Ammonia):

- Lower first cost  

- Non Toxic

- Easy maintenance with limited risks

- Near zero <1 GWP

- Lead times quick delivery

- Proven performance

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