CXAM Heat Pump AquaStream 3G

Cooling 120-410 kW Heating 129-400 kW

Main features

  • Two efficiency levels: high or standard
  • Three acoustic versions: standard, low noise or comprehensive acoustic package treatment
  • High efficiency scroll compressors
  • Hot water leaving temperature up to +55°C
  • Patented refrigerant circuit
  • Trane design low sound level fans mounted on hinges
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Brazed plates heat exchangers
  • Powder coated components for durability
  • Disconnect switch/transformer
  • Water strainer and flow switch

Customer benefits

  • Life cycle effectiveness
  • Efficiency and sound level without compromise
  • All year round operation
  • Extreme reliability and durability
  • Perfect for a variety of comfort and industrial applications 
  • Ease of installation and serviceability


  • Integrated hydraulic module with or without buffer tank
  • Single or double pump package
  • Variable frequency drive for pump flow rate adjustment
  • Freeze protection control
  • Black epoxy condenser coil coating
  • Architectural louvered panels, access guards


  • Neoprene isolators
  • Grooved pipe connection kit

Tracer™ CH530 Control

Adaptive Control™ microprocessor featuring:

  • Easy-to-use operator interface panel
  • Smart defrost management
  • External auto/stop
  • External interlock
  • Chilled water pump control
  • Ice-making card (optional)
  • Chilled water and current-limit remote setpoint card (optional)
  • BACnetTM, LonTalk®, Modbus communication capabilities

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