Adiabatic Cooling

Cooling systems operating outside design parameters typically run an increased risk of breakdowns, higher energy costs and lower operational efficiency. Trane Adiabatic Cooling decreases the temperature of the air entering the coil. A mere 10°C temperature drop generates an average of 13% reduction in power consumption, delivering immediate cost savings and environmental benefits.


  • The Trane Adiabatic Cooling concept is based on the natural thermodynamic properties of water
  • Water is sprayed intermittently onto large non-metallic mesh panels installed in front of the heat reduction coils of chillers, remote condensers, rooftops, etc.
  • The evaporating water creates the cooling effect, lowering the air temperature before it reaches the condenser coil


  • Designed for versatility, simple installation and economical operation.
  • Reduction of system power input
  • Delivery of design capacity without interruptions
  • Extension of equipment operating range beyond its original specifications
  • Permits R404 refrigerant retrofit

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