XStream™ RTWF heat pump

385-2020 kW

Main Features

Trane XStream heat pumps can be a smart alternative to traditional boilers with features which effectively address the needs of geothermal and district heating applications:

  • Near zero GWP (<1) refrigerant R1234ze
  • R513A
  • R134a
  • Multiple compressor design allows outstanding part load efficiencies by switching compressors off while utilizing the entire heat exchanging surface for the remaining compressor(s)
  • XStream chillers and heat pumps take advantage of crossflow serial heat exchanger design to reduce compressor workload under all operating conditions.
  • Maximum condenser temperature 85°C with R1234ze (68°C with R134a)
  • 3 different levels of efficiency:
    • SE: Standard Efficiency
    • HE: High Efficiency
    • HSE: High Seasonal Efficiency (With Adaptive Frequency Drive)

Customer benefits:

  • Extended and unmatched capacities
  • High efficiencies both in cooling and heating
  • 99.5% reliability rate
  • Great versatility to adapt to varying applications requirements

Range description:

  • RTWF packaged heat pump R134a/R513A: 385-2020 kW
  • RTWF G packaged heat pump R1234ze: 385-1550 kW

Main options

  • High condenser leaving water temperature application
  • Double condenser for large Delta T
  • Sound attenuation package
  • Left/right hand connection
  • VPF operation
  • Trane combined smart control and interface
    • Leading TD7 touch screen with 7" color display
    • Clear presentation of critical information
    • Monitor settings, data trending, reports and alarms
    • Simple, intuitive navigation
    • Effective operation, monitoring and management
    • Durable construction for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Trane™ UC 800 controller
    • New generation Trane control platform for chillers
    • Advanced algorithms for the most challenging conditions
    • Maintians efficient and reliable oepration
  • Connectivity
    • Full interoperability via SmartCom interface BACnetTM (IP and MSTP), LonTalk®, Modbus
    • Master/Slave operation
    • Full remote control capability via Trane BMS or Chiller Plant Controls

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