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More than you can imagine

Emergency and backup cooling? Yes, but that’s not all. A Rental unit offers the highest flexibility at the lowest risk for the customer. All kinds of needs can be met with these two universal benefits. The only limit is our imagination. 

You need cooling or heating, the rest is on us.

Trane Rental Services deliver cooling and heating. We always start by assessing your needs and defining the best solution to meet your specific requirements. You do not need a chiller or a boiler, you need cooling or heating delivered in the most reliable and efficient way. 

From a single-day event to a long-term industrial application

Our Rental Services teams are trained and prepared to respond to all kinds of needs. Our services range from simple equipment delivery to the complete management and implementation of complex projects with multiple units and accessories. You can count on Trane. 

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Emergency and breakdown resolution

With quick 24/7 availability, our reliable fleet of Rental chillers, rooftops and heat pumps is the best option when a fast recovery service required.

The fastest way to be up and running.  

Ideal for
Applications or processes where a lack of cooling or heating is a threat to human comfort, a production process or the preservation of perishable goods. 


Capacity expansion or peak shaving

In most cases, cooling or heating demands depend on outdoor temperature or other internal drivers such as occupancy or production load. The demand usually peaks for a relatively short time, sometimes just a few days.

Optimal use of capital and cash flow: no need to invest in extra capacity just for a few days or for a specific period. It is better to rely on a temporary rental unit, by definition a variable cost and not a fixed asset. 

Ideal for
Applications or processes with seasonal or temporary cooling or heating needs (e.g. comfort cooling or heating, production peaks due to seasonality or specific contracts awarded).  

Fast-tracking projects or planned shutdown

An equipment delivery delay or a unit shutdown, either planned or unplanned, is generally not acceptable. When the project needs fast-tracking, a rental unit is the ideal solution to have a cooling or heating supply up and running until the new equipment arrives or during maintenance, repairs or upgrades to an existing plant. 

No interruption in comfort or process while performing maintenance or repair activities. No delay to new system start-ups. 

Ideal for
Applications or processes that cannot afford downtime or projects requiring acceleration. 


A temporary event such as an exhibition, a sporting event, an artistic performance, a conference, a wedding or any other kind of gathering are typical applications for rental units. 

Quick and professional delivery and commissioning. Trane’s 24/7 technical support is included to ensure that comfort is maintained at all times.  

Ideal for
All events where customer satisfaction and attendance also depend on thermal comfort and air quality. 

Contingency Planning

When HVAC downtime is not an option, secure the continuity of cooling or heating supply by subscribing to a contingency plan agreement. Trane will arrange everything required in advance to minimise downtime.  

The fastest way to restore cooling or heating supply. An uninterruptable supply is always available when customer equipment is down, leveraging our Rental fleet.

Ideal for
Everyone, especially when cooling or heating plays a critical role in a process application, such as healthcare, industry, or data centres. Where downtime is a threat to customer business. 

EaaSy unit replacement

In a dynamically changing world, it is time to ReThink the approach to HVAC. The flexibility and risk transfer of a rental solution are the best way to meet modern-day demands and perform upgrades, new installations or replacements to satisfy cooling or heating needs. As we like to say… take it EaaSy (Equipment-as-a-Service). 

Cash flow optimisation, flexibility in capacity expansion or reduction, frequent upgrades to improve efficiency as technology evolves, risk transfer to Trane for the utmost peace of mind. Trane EaaSy is the easiest way to handle HVAC.  

Ideal for
All types of applications for customers who are looking for flexibility and minimising risks.