Picco™ Heat Pump

Cooling 6-70 kW Heating 6.5-65 kW

Main features

  • Cooling capacity: 6 to 70 kW
  • Heating capacity: 6.5 to 65 kW
  • Customized microprocessor control system with overheat protection and electronic expansion valve (EEV).
  • Twin rotary DC inverter compressors.
  • DC inverter driven axial fans.
  • Condenser coil with hydrophilic aluminium fi ns and copper piping.
  • Heat exchanger: Brazed stainless steel plate to AISI 316.
  • Copper piped refrigerant circuit with condensing control, EEV, reverse valve, high/low pressure switch, liquid separator and receiver, maintenance and control valves, double inlet pressure ,high and low pressure transducers.
  • Integral hydraulic system with high efficiency brushless pump, expansion tank, fl ow switch, air valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and water valve for charging/ discharging the system.
  • Conto termico 2.0 elegible.
  • Class A in cooling and heating. Available for all regional subsidy programs
  • Ecodesign compliant
  • Modular set-up with Hi-T controller (optional)
  • For models 6 to 16 kW
    • 2 Reversible heat pump versions available
    • With or without integrated defrosting kit
    • 3 levels of acoustic packages available
  • For models 25 to 70 kW
    • Reversible inverter heat pump
    • With or without steam injection
    • 3 levels of acoustic packages available

Customer benefits

  • Designed for light commercial applications.
  • Being extremely versatile, they can provide hot water for winter heating, sanitary hot water and chilled water for summer cooling.
  • The system works seamlessly with radiant and fan coil systems using network or renewable sourced power supply
  • Can provide hot water for winter heating, sanitary hot water at 58°C (up to 65°C with auxiliary electric heater) and chilled water for summer cooling.
  • The DC inverter compressors allow saving up to 25% in power consumption. The inverter compressors optimized for heat pump operation under heavy conditions with a steam injection system to provide a high level of comfort with low energy consumption even in the winter season (down to -25°C ambient air temperature).


Models 6 to 16 kW

  • 3D Reversible heat pump with integrated defrosting kit
  • Single phase electrical resistance: 2kW / 3 kW / 4.5 kW
  • Three-phase electrical resistance 2 kW / 3 kW / 4.5 kW
  • Expansion vessel 18 l
  • Buffer tanks: 50 l / 75 l / 95 l

Models 25 to 79 kW

  • Low temperature version
  • Multifunction touch screen remote controller
  • Rubber shock absorbers
  • Wifi module
  • Anti-corrosion fin guard treatment
  • Sanitary water probe


  • Models 6 to 16 kW
    • Vibration dumper
    • touch screen remote control
    • Diverter valve (1") Kvs 6,9
    • Remote probe system-probe storage tank
    • Frost protection
  • Models 25 to 70 kW
    • Protection module
    • DC fan
    • EC brushless circulator
    • Predisposition for external pump
    • Auto adaptive circulator
    • AC inverter pump
    • Antifreeze kit
    • Plant management module
    • Low noise (jacket)
    • Super low noise (jacket + Axitop)
  • Customized control system with microprocessor
  • All units can work in three mode: heating, cooling and energy recovery mode
  • Control handles mixing valves, diverter and circulatory secondary system
  • Control can also manage external solar and thermal systems
  • Remote control also available as an option
  • Controller manages also the following functions: regulation of the water temperature, antifreeze protection, time setting and compressors startup sequence, reset and management of alarms, fans modulation and pump modulation.
  • Upon request, it is possible to connect the microprocessor to a BMS remote control system by mean of Modbus protocol.
  • The control system together with the INVERTER technology and the on board sensors continuously monitors and adapts the performance of the inverter compressor, circulating pump and of the fan.
  • Hi-T option
    • The Hi-T is a touch screen remote control for centralized management of a network of chiller/heat pump system.
    • It manages also partial functions (i.e. as a remote control panel of a single chiller/heat pump or thermostat of the zones management).
    • It integrates humidity and temperature sensors for the thermo hygrometric analysis of the environment and for the management of the double set point for radiant floor heating systems that use a dehumidification system.
    • The intuitive interface simplifiers the use of the control
    • The remote control supervises periodically the network, there is a cycle time that elapses between the signaling or command request and the activation of the function, the cycle time depends on the largeness of the fan coil units and-or heat pumps network.

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