Tracer Ensemble

Solution for large systems

Manage multiple facilities online

Tracer Ensemble is a web-based systems integration solution that gives facility managers an online, enterprise-wide view of all their buildings and systems, from any PC or mobile device on the network. Tracer Ensemble is fully customizable, easy to install on existing Trane or third party building systems and lets users perform daily operations such as scheduling, alarm management, troubleshooting, status updates and data analysis with a built-in web based report designer.

That’s the power of Tracer Ensemble: a front-end system that enables operators of multiple facilities to manage all their buildings as a single enterprise. No more running from building to building. Tracer Ensemble brings it all to you and you just have to log on.

Cost-effective online accessibility on a smaller scale

The Tracer Ensemble Express bundle utilizes the existing Tracer Ensemble software and "bundles" it together with a free version of the Microsoft SQL Express database software on a qualified Dell Server or Windows Workstation.

The Tracer Ensemble Express bundle is a streamlined, cost effective web solution, targeted for smaller customers who have a new or existing Tracer SC systems, as well as 3rd party solutions, that would like to have web-based building automation system. 

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