Trane FreeCool comprises all the components required to operate a Free cooling system. It is a factory built, confi gured and tested package.

Features include:

  • Advanced control logic to maximize energy savings
  • Preprogrammed controls with confi gurable parameters
  • Trane TD7 touch screen available in multiple languages
  • System scheduling
  • System alarm notifi cation
  • Energy metering and performance trending
  • Electrical protection devices
  • IP55 and freeze protection for outside installation


Trane expertise in HVAC enables us to engineer a factorybuilt, prepackaged, performance-optimized solution designed to deliver premium performance.

  • Advanced solution, made simple
    • Designed and built in-house
    • Premium performance and reliability
    • Adaptable to suit a wide range of chilled water systems
  • Quick and easy installation
    • Plug and Play installation
    • Limited changes to hydraulic system minimize chiller plant disruption
    • Preprogrammed controls reduce commissioning time
  • Energy Management
    • Reduces electrical peak demand in winter
    • Reduces electrical consumption
    • Energy metering and performance trending