Conquest Heat Pump CXAX









Main features

  • Compact design: reduced footprint and low profile design
  • High quality finish
  • Heating all year round: down to -15°C ambient and up to 60°C leaving water temperature
  • One part load optimized efficiency level
  • Ecodesign 2015 & 2017 compliant (European directive on heating devices)
  • Two acoustic packages: Standard Noise, Low Noise with no loss of efficiency
  • Single and/or dual circuit offering

Customer benefits

The best value chiller thanks to:

  • Reversible operation: cooling or heating
  • Low energy consumption: superior part load efficiency ESEER and SCOP
  • Silent operation: discreet, even in the most sound sensitive applications
  • Unique!: efficiency maintained when sound decreases
  • Compact design: easier jobsite integration
  • Reliability: main components designed and manufactured by Trane
  • User friendly control interface and interoperability with building automation systems


  • Various integrated hydraulic modules: single/dual pump, low/high head pressure
  • Buffer tank for reliable and smooth operation
  • Low temperature process cooling (<4°C)
  • Low ambient operation (-10°C)
  • E-coated condenser coil for durability
  • Partial heat recovery (PHR)
  • External protection grill
  • High efficiency version (HE)
  • Smart Flow Control  for Variable-Primary Flow (VPF)
  • High external static pressure (HESP)
  • Smart Plant Control
  • Supplemental heat


  • Elastomeric isolators
  • New Trane light commercial best-in-class controller
  • Standard navigation button LCD display
  • Optional deluxe display:
    • Easy to read 7-inch color touchscreen display
    • Industry leading algorithms
    • Open protocol design
    • Adaptive control
  • SmartCom interface: BACnetTM, LonTalk®, Modbus communication capabilities