Sintesis™ Balance CMAF Multi-pipe units

Heating capacity: 280-680 kW

Customer benefits

  • Sustainable
    - air-sourced renewable technology
    - full recovery and repurposing of heat
    - lower carbon footprint compared to fossil fuel technologies
    - replaces gas/oil boiler in new or existing buildings.
  • Reliable
    - Proven Sintesis family platform and components
    - Trane expertise and knowledge in designing cooling and heating products
    - Eurovent certification
  • Efficient
    - Highest TER in the industry, exceeding 8.  In other words, 8kW of simultaneous cooling and heating can be generated with only 1 kW of electrical power.
    - Eurovent class A in heating
  • Configurable
    - Several efficiency levels, acoustic packages, fan technologies, hydraulic module packages
    - Ideal for hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, office buildings, education....

Main features

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating all year around: two completely independent water circuits, one for chilled water and one for hot water
  • Unique Trane Adaptive Refrigerant System optimizes the charge in every operating model to deliver maximum performance and efficiency
  • Exceptional operating maps - makes it suited to all European climates to deliver hot water up to 68°C
  • Tracer Symbio 800 controller to optimize performance per application, manage the defrost algorithm and provide superior unit protections in all modes and conditions.  Combines with the leading TD7 touchscreen display.
  • Step coil condensers with lower refrigerant charge and no tradeoff on cooling
  • Scroll compressors with intermediate discharge valve technology increasing part load efficiencies and the operating map
  • Multi-speed axial fans
  • 3 different levels of efficiency:
    • HE (High Efficiency)
    • SE (Standard Efficiency)
    • SSE (Special Standard Efficiency)


Factory-mounted options

  • Hydraulic module
    - Single or dual pump, with or without inverter drives
    - Optional water buffer tank
  • EC or AC fans
  • Integrated energy meter
  • Several coil coatings

Tracer™ Symbio800 controller with TD7 touchscreen display

  • Optimal flexibility on operating mode choice
  • Advanced arbitration of cooling and heating demands for maximizing energy recovery and efficiency     
  • Precise control on leaving hot/chilled water
  • Easy integration with Chiller Plant Control with other Trane units, for example RTAF or CGAF/CXAF
  • Easy-to-read 7” color touchscreen
  • Open communication protocols: BACnet® or Modbus
  • Configurable preferences e.g. for dates/times or units SI / IP, etc..
  • Trane Intelligent Services (TIS) capable for 24/7 online performance management of HVAC system

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