Excellent Family

Our ultra high efficiency chillers with high speed centrifugal compressors

After over a century of innovations, a solid foundation of proven expertise and recognition as leaders in HVAC for commercial and industrial applications, Trane leads with our Excellent family of Chillers

The Excellent family is comprised of the top-of-the-line chillers from Trane’s well-known Sintesis™ and XStream™ platforms, and as the name says, offers all-round excellence. They are designed, manufactured, and proven to satisfy requirements for

  • Best-in-class performance
  • Market leading efficiency
  • Superior reliability
  • Application flexibility
  • Sustainability

Achieved by Excellence in Innovative Technologies

Compressors: ultra-quiet oil-free, variable speed magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors
The magnetic bearings allow the compressor to operate without the use of oil for lubrication, which reduces energy losses due to friction. A variable speed drive on the motor allows the compressor to operate much more efficiently at partial loads than standard compressors. The oil-free system also eliminates the need for oil maintenance, resulting in operations and maintenance savings.

Heat exchangers: latest Trane proprietary CHIL™ (Compact, High-performance, Integrated, Low-charge) heat exchanger designs. This evaporator optimizes the flow of the refrigerant to get an excellent heat exchange with water in every operating condition and minimize the quantity of refrigerant used.

Serial heat exchangers: double circuits in single pass, with serial heat exchangers, we reduce the work of compressors and create additional efficiency gains

We are confident in outstanding chiller performance, and transparent about it, too.

Trane is confident in our data and prove it by being completely transparent to customers.  Data is published and easy to find.

Product engineering: We have some of the best HVAC development engineers who apply rigorous and extensive R&D standards, taking benefit of our state-of-the-art European testing facilities

Compliance and certifications: Trane invests in multiple certification and compliance programs, to give you the peace of mind that a third party confirms that what we say is what we deliver.

  • AHRI certification - selection software-based certification.  Trane is certified with water-cooled model GVWF.
  • Eurovent certification – adds product certification top of selection tool certification and provides all information per product in a transparent way.  All performances are available on the Eurovent website.
  • Full ErP (Ecodesign) Compliance – check our website for ErP compliance sheets
  • Optional testing at customer’s conditions.  The Epinal Operations laboratory is certified to test at Eurovent and AHRI conditions

Reliability is no coincidence.

Powerful controls: For stable and efficient operation contributing to enhanced building performance and efficiency, Trane Adaptive Control™ algorithms integrated in Trane’s proprietary control software keep the chiller running even during the most challenging conditions, when other chillers should shut down. This includes rapid restart after power failure capabilities for applications such as data centers.

Trane Tracer® Symbio 800 is a new generation controller allowing seamless communication with other Trane equipment in the chiller plant. It is designed and optimized based experiences of hundreds of thousands of Trane installations around the world, in normal or extreme conditions. It unlocks the full potential of a connected unit with full remote monitoring capabilities.

Interfacing with the chiller is intuitive and fast thanks to the full color touchscreen user display, Tracer™ TD7.

Trane can also advise on Chiller Plant Control implementation to further increase efficiency and adapt the application to customer needs.

Double refrigerant circuit: allows redundancy

Service: Trane has the most extensive service network in Europe, available 24/7/365. We ensure the most reliable and cost-effective performance from your HVAC systems from day one – and on through their complete lifecycle.

We go beyond manufacturing HVAC equipment.

We use our expertise in full HVAC systems to drive us to design with flexibility in mind, to suit any application and building without compromising reliability and cost of ownership.

Our Sintesis Excellent (GVAF) and XStream Excellent (GVWF) are part of full platforms with other Sintesis (RTAF, CGAF/CXAF) and XStream (RTWF, RTHF) units with various compressor technologies.

Trane’s broad portfolio covering a wide capacity range and using scroll, screw and high speed centrifugal compressor technologies generates advantageous flexibility to satisfy any requirement. 

In addition, we have decades of expertise of designing systems in which these technologies co-operate to build the right solution, including energy saving options (free-cooling or heat recovery) best suited to your building or process.

Certain models are specially designed to be an ideal fit to a precise application.  Working closely with customers, we have the expertise to understand customer needs, and deliver the right solution. For example, the specially designed chiller for data centers

  • The highest capacity per footprint
  • Designed for the high temperatures of datacenters
  • Integrated free-cooling for lowest overall carbon footprint
  • Double circuit, UPS connected controls and automatic power transfer switches for maximum reliability
  • Reduced restart time thanks to simultaneous restart of 2 circuits
  • Backed up by a fully trained and equipped Service team

Refrigerant: Products in the Excellent family offer the choice of either R134a, R513A or are optimized with near-zero <1 GWP refrigerant R1234ze or R515B. Choose to make the transition to a lower GWP alternative when it makes sense for you.

Oil free: the magnetic bearing technology, operating without any oil in the compressor, reduces your environmental impact, maintenance costs and energy costs

Future-proofing HVAC systems: Trane relentlessly commits to challenging the possible in terms of innovations in technology, and to continuously improving designs in response to market and customer demands.

Our Service Teams are trained and equipped to keep your installed system up to date and operating efficiently and sustainably during its lifetime.  We can upgrade controls and other technologies when opportunities arise.

Discover the Trane Excellent Portfolio of Chillers

Ultra high efficiency chillers with high speed centrifugal compressors

Trane Technologies has created the EcoWise™ portfolio of products for its refrigerant-bearing products that are designed to lower environmental impact with next generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high efficiency operation.