Whether its optimizing your heating and cooling plant or fulfilling temporary needs, Trane has got you covered.

From staff comfort to patients’ care, a properly designed and installed HVAC system has a positive effect on your operation and your bottom line. Trane has decades of experience in hospitals and understands how to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. We strive to provide industry-leading efficiencies, sustainable solutions, world-class building automation systems and a complete energy services portfolio designed to maximize your facility potential.

Comfort for patients and staff

The right temperature, humidity and air quality are essential to ensure comfortable and healthy conditions for patients and staff all day and night.

A holistic systems-approach ensures healthcare operations run smoothly regardless of the outdoor temperature or availability of local energy supply.

Trane solutions include:

  1. Ice-storage
  2. Free cooling chiller
  3. Heat recovery chiller


Sanitary hot water – safe, reliable and at a lower cos

Sanitary hot water is vital for cleaning and hygiene in a hospital environment. A scarce or low quality supply is not acceptable.

Trane installations reduce or eliminate the need to run boilers by using heat pump technology that can produce hot water up to 80°C at a fraction of the cost - even for free, when cooling is required at the same time. 

Trane solutions include:

   3. Heat recovery chiller
   4. Booster
   5. Water-to-water heat pump


Process cooling for hospital equipment

Cold water or brine are required to operate specific equipment, such as MRI scanners, air conditioning servers and data center rooms, or to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels in cold storage for multiple purposes. Trane chillers have a broad operating range from -12°C to +25°C leaving water temperature and their legendary reliability is a precious asset.

Trane solutions include:

  2. Process cooling chiller

When time is of the essence

A stable HVAC system is critical for hospitals. Any failure or disruption of the HVAC system has a direct impact on staff and patients’ safety and comfort. At Trane, we have decades of experience serving hospital applications. In addition to designing, building and maintaining cooling and heating plants, we’ve also got you covered when it comes to your emergency needs.

Temporary medical space

Trane will provide the comfort, to suit your schedule

Additional temporary healthcare structures may be needed during extension works or to manage the consequences of unexpected events caused by fire, system failure, or a pandemic. Whenever there is a closed space, there is also the need for air conditioning or heating. Trane is partnering with you to meet your schedule. We provide reliable logistics and  seamless commissioning of cooling or heating for safe tents.

Need extra cooling or heating

Trane has the quickest, safest and most cost-effective solutions for you

As temperatures fluctuate with the change of seasons, so do the demands on your healthcare facilities. Trane Rental Services offer temporary equipment that can meet your cooling and heating needs. Whether you need supplemental air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter, temporary supplemental equipment can fulfill these requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Unexpected breakdown

Our 24/7 emergency response team is a phone call away

Whether you’re dealing with a power outage or equipment that has unexpectedly broken down, Trane Rental Services provide 24/7 emergency response. A rental unit is the ideal back-up for a broken or low performing unit, without any long-term engagement.
No need to rush in carrying out an expensive repair or replacement, a rental solution can buy you time and peace of mind while delivering the cooling or heating you need. Minimize the costs associated with downtime by depending on Trane.

Want to be fully prepared if disaster strike

Trane Contingency Plans prepare you for the unexpected

Many aspects of facility management can be handled proactively through proper design and ongoing maintenance. However, unexpected events can leave your facility manager scrambling. With the right plan in place, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your facility back in operation. The fundamental aspect of a Trane Contingency Plan is an evaluation of the facility’s HVAC systems to identify potential sources of failure. The next step is developing a blueprint to show where the equipment goes and how to get it there. So, should temporary equipment be required, plan deployment is just a phone call away. Trane is ready to respond 24/7 to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Take control of your HVAC operations locally and remotely

Reliable and efficient operations of a mission critical HVAC system requires a robust and customizable plant control system. With Tracer SC+, Trane offers a fully flexible control solution that provides a clear and intuitive User Interface to facility managers, for local or remote monitoring. The system also offers remote service from Trane chiller engineer experts.

Optimize daily operations

We provide an intuitive user interface to manage equipment and system

Full-screen instructions in plain language, showing “what’s next” and “why,” use real time data to answer the questions most asked by plant operators. Built-in functions make it simple for operators to complete chiller interactions like forced chiller addition and subtraction, rotations, set point changes and other common adjustments.

Maximize performance

Trane delivers efficiency gains with industry-leading system knowledge

Continuous monitoring of running conditions helps identify potential faults and allow the right adjustments to avoid unexpected breakdowns and achieve greater energy savings. Thousands of hours of customer research have resulted in an intuitive, task-based interface that allows for a faster response to system issues than ever. Get key status information at a glance, with historical data and alarm functions all in one place.

Access your HVAC equipment at all times, anywhere

Trane provides a fully secured remote connection infrastructure

Your facilities management team will be able to monitor temperature 24/7, even when they’re away from the building. View the status of your building, receive immediate notification and diagnostics so it’s easier for you to keep your building performing as expected. The power of Tracer SC+ in the palm of your hand.

Rely on 24/7 remote support

With Trane Intelligent Services you get help when you need it

On demand, Trane will use a secure connection to monitor equipment remotely and address developing problems before they have an impact on your business. Operating remotely, Trane technicians can service your systems faster, and more cost effectively. After diagnosis, repair is done remotely or a service technician is deployed on site. Maintenance logs can also be analysed remotely and altered to fine tune the chiller performance, increasing energy efficiency, operating income and sustainability.

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