EarthWise™ Intelligent Variable Air System for Chilled-Water Applications


With new technologies and optimized controls, a Trane Intelligent Variable Air System can deliver 20 percent to 30 percent more efficiency than a traditional VAV system—and you can easily monitor that efficiency with user-friendly dashboards to help maintain peak performance for the life of the system.

Proven Performance, New Technology A variable air system have a proven track record of reliable, efficient performance. The addition of advanced technologies, including energy recovery, variable-speed equipment and optimized controls, makes the Trane Intelligent Variable Air System the most efficient VAV system available.

Fast, Simple Retrofits Upgrading an existing system to a Trane Intelligent Variable Air System can be a fast, trouble-free process. Wireless technology, retrofit dampers and pre-packaged controls reduce installation cost, time, and inconvenience to building occupants. Trane Wireless Comm means less disruptive wiring installation, and allows for easier relocation when space layout or use changes in the future.

EarthWise Intelligent Variable Air System Components

  • Tracer™ SC system controller standard, flexible, pre-packaged applications and optimized control sequences; easy-to-use, mobile interface; wired or Wireless Comm; operator dashboards document energy savings; identify efficiency opportunities through Trane Intelligent Services
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  • Performance™ Climate Changer® air-handling unit low-leak casing; outdoor airflow measurement with Traq™ dampers; direct-drive plenum fans; energy recovery wheel options; Tracer™ UC600 controller with pre-packaged control sequences, wired or Wireless Comm, and optional color display
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  • VariTrane™ VAV terminals accurate flow measurement; Tracer™UC400 controller with pre-packaged control sequences and wired or Wireless Comm; retrofit (RIRO) dampers for upgrading older systems
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  • Zone sensors wired or wireless; options for digital display, setpoint override, or occupancy override
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