Voyager™ II rooftop

42-95 kW

Main features

  • High efficiency in cooling and heating
  • Single-side access for easy service
  • Pitched drain pan

Customer benefits

  • Single packaged air/air unit: simple installation
  • High performance: lowest energy consumption
  • High reliability: low maintenance costs
  • Eurovent certified performances

Range description

  • TKD/YKD/WKD/DKD: Downflow air discharge and intake
  • TKH/YKH/WKH/DKH: Horizontal flow air discharge and intake
  • TKD/TKH: Cooling-only unit
  • YKD/YKH: Cooling-only unit with gas heat
  • WKD/WKH: Reversible heat pump unit
  • DKD/DKH: Reversible heat pump unit with gas heat


  • Electric heater (TKD/TKH/WKD/WKH)
  • Hot water coil with 3-way-valve (TKD/TKH/WKD/WKH)
  • Gas burners, compatible with G20, G25 and G31 gas (YKD/YKH/DKD/DKH)
  • Advanced comparative enthalpy economizer
  • Fresh air volume controlled by remote potentiometer, CO2 sensor or communication interface
  • Fire thermostat/smoke detector
  • Clogged filter/fan failure switch

Energy saving options

  • Dedicated downflow/horizontal flow Energy Recovery Module
    • Plate heat exchanger version (efficiency from 40 to 60%)
    • Heat recovery wheel version (efficiency from 65 to 85%)
  • Dual fuel (DKD/DKH) unit
    • Switch automatically from mechanical heating to gas heat when efficiency of the heat pump is decreasing in cold ambient temperatures


  • Adjustable or non-adjustable roofcurbs
  • Electronic (THS03) and programmable (THP03) zone sensor modules
  • Quick adaptation curb (replacement market)
  • TD5 Service and Diagnostic full color touchscreen display

ReliaTel™ Control

  • 24 V easy-to-start and service microprocessor controls
  • BACnetTM, LonTalk®, Modbus communication capabilities

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