40-135 kW

Main Features

  • Available in Heat Pump or Cooling Only version, with or without auxiliary heat (gas burner, electric heater or hot water coil) 
  • Double refrigeration circuit with scroll compressors in tandem
  • Smart fresh air management with free cooling capabilities
  • Electronically commuted (EC) plug fan with modulating airflow
  • Trane CH536 controller with intelligent comfort control and embedded energy saving functionalities
  • Double wall panel with 25mm fiberglass insulation
  • Eurovent certified
  • Heat Recovery module for additional energy savings
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Advanced defrost management
  • R410A refrigerant

Customer benefits

  • High seasonal efficiency, already compliant with 2018 European regulations
  • Free cooling and heat recovery solutions for lower total cost of ownership
  • Compact and modular design with fully integrated controls
  • Customizable to meet your exact needs, so you don’t have to compromise
  • Maximum adaptability for faster, easier, less expensive installations
  • Compatible with multiple roofcurbs – without expensive adapters or other modifications – even when you add a heat recovery module!

Wide range of options, including:

  • Auxiliary heating (electric heater, hot water coil, gas burner)
  • Heat Recovery Module
    • Plug & Play: rooftop unit pre-configured in the factory
    • Quick installation: No additional roofcurb required!
    • Light and compact: for easy transportation and handling
    • Energy savings: typical payback up to 3 years
    • Reliability: Freeze protection for low ambient applications
  • Exhaust fan for high ESP applications (up to 500 Pa)
  • Adjustable and non-adjustable roofcurbs
  • Wireless temperature zone sensors
  • Remote service terminal
For a more exhaustive list of the options available, please consult the documentation or contact your Trane Sales Engineer.









Tracer Concierge™

  • Ideal for retail applications
  • Change HVAC and lighting schedules using one interface
  • Make allowable temperature and humidity set point changes
  • Receive notification of HVAC unit conditions or problems
  • User-friendly display panel allows limited adjustments
  • Simplified and affordable system control for up to 30 rooftops

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