RTMA multi-pipe units

344-661 kW








Main features

  • Semi-hermetic screw compressors
  • ECO profile axial fans, statically and dynamically balanced
  • Water side evaporator direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections (complete with differential pressure switch and electrical heater)
  • Recovery heat exchanger direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections
  • High efficiency condenser coils with seamless copper tubes and aluminium fins
  • Different built-in hydraulic kits available with cooling and heating circuit pumps of 150/250/450 kPa
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Double set point temperature
  • Condensing and evaporating pressure control with variable fan speed modulation for external temperature up to -15°C
  • Intelligent microprocessor-based controller
  • Serial card RS485 for Modbus
  • Galvanised steel base frame and panels in powder painted galvanised steel sheet for outdoor installation

Customer benefits

  • Ultimate comfort – Simultaneous heating and cooling with one simple system
  • Lower operating costs to help you manage your bottom line
  • Flexibility to suit both new constructions and renovations
  • A safe water-based system
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 24/7 service support

Factory-mounted options

  • Standby pump for air conditioning circuit + standby pump for heating circuit, 150/250/450 kPa
  • High temperature module for hot water up to 65°C
  • Automatic circuit breakers
  • Softstarter
  • Numbered wires
  • Gas gauges
  • Control panel electric heater with thermostat
  • Phase failure protection relay
  • EC fan motors
  • High static pressure (100 Pa) EC fans
  • Condensing coil protection grille
  • Epoxy coated condensing coils fins
  • Copper/copper condensing coils
  • Tinned copper/copper condensing coils
  • BLYGOLD treated coils
  • Pre painted condensing coils


  • Serial card with BACnet protocol TCP/IP or MS/TP
  • Remote control display
  • Flow switch
  • Automatic water filling
  • Threaded stainer
  • Water gauges
  • Rubber or spring anti vibration mounts
  • Two completely independent circuits are controlled by 2 controllers, each handling a single circuit. The two controllers communicate with each other via ModBus™.
  • Ability to interface with the main BMS systems via ModBus™, BACnet™ or LonTalk™
  • Condenser/evaporator pressure control with variable fan speed modulation to allow low ambient operation down to -20°C (scroll) and -15°C (screw)
  • Phase failure protection on compressors and fans
  • Compressor starting with start-up and stop time control
  • Compressor rotation with FIFO logic

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