Ductless Mini-Split Cooling High Wall

This ductless mini-split cooling unit works as part of a ductless mini-split system designed specifically to meet your home heating and cooling needs. Mounted on the wall, this mini-split ductless unit is an economical and efficient option for homes without existing ductwork.

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Efficiency(%): 16 SEER

An efficient, easy comfort option.

Ductless System

Composed of three main components—an indoor unit consisting of a coil and a fan, an outdoor compressor unit and a remote control—most ductless split systems are connected by refrigerant lines and require no ductwork. The ductless mini-split cooling unit can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.

Efficient Comfort

Trane’s ductless mini-split indoor units have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) ranging from 16.00 to 22.00, making the systems remarkably efficient and environmentally friendly.

Quiet Operation

Specially designed air vents efficiently reduce sound to provide quiet comfort as low as 26 dB, for whisper-quiet operation.

Design Flexibility

Since there is no ductwork to install, it’s easy to add Trane’s reliable heating and cooling to any home, in any room desired. It’s an economical and efficient option for homes without an existing ducted system or when adding ductwork may be impractical or too expensive.

Every Trane ductless system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. Trane mini-split ductless indoor units feature:

Quiet design

Specially designed air vents efficiently reduce operating sound to provide quiet comfort.

Turbo function

Provides temporary high-speed operation to reach your desired temperature quickly.

Sleep mode function

Based on a set sleeping time, the temperature can automatically rise or fall to maintain comfort in the room while you sleep, saving energy in the process.

Auto clean

The fan runs when the unit is stopped to prevent bacteria from forming. The unique catechin filter in each ductless mini-split unit is made from an additive abstracted from natural green tea to provide long-lasting sterilization and removal of up to 95percent of potentially harmful bacteria.

Anti-cold design

Air is pre-heated during heating operation to prevent blowing cold air directly to the room.


You set the time for the unit to operate automatically when you want.

Wireless remote control

Each indoor unit is controlled with a wireless remote control (purchased separately) so you can easily control your system from anywhere in the room. The "I feel" function enables the system to sense temperature at the remote control, rather than a thermostat.

Memory function

In case of power loss, the system will restart in the previous operation mode without the need to reset the system.

4MYW6 Ductless Mini-Split Cooling High Wall

Model Cooling BTUH EER SEER
4MYW6509A10N0BA 9,000 10.2 16
4MYW6512A10N0BA 12,000 9.8 16
4MYW6518A10N0BA 18,000 11.1 16
4MYW6524A10N0BA 22,000 10 16

Trane 4MYW6 Registered Limited Warranty Details

5-year Registered Limited Warranty on compressor and functional parts.

If the product is not registered within 60 days of installation, Trane’s Base Limited Warranty terms will apply.

Optional Extended Warranties are available. Extended Warranties can pay for labor and other costs not covered by manufacturer's limited warranty.

Ask your dealer for full warranty information at time of purchase. Warranties are for residential use only. Some exclusions may apply.

Register within 60 days of installation to activate warranty. Residential use only. Some exclusions may apply. Call 1-800-554-6413 or Register Online.