Parallel Terminal

Fan-powered parallel units offer energy savings due to intermittent fan control. The fan energizes only in heating mode when the space needs heat. Additional energy savings are obtained by using warm plenum air for free reheat. Motor heat is never wasted in parallel units. They are an excellent choice when minimal zone heating is needed.


  • Interlocking panel design provides the most rugged VAV unit available.
  • Metal encapsulated edges limit fiberglass insulation erosion into the airstream.
  • Single-point power connection reduces installed cost.
  • Full factory-run test on each unit.
  • Pneumatic, electronic, or digital controls available.
  • Compatible with most controllers for field or factory installation.
  • Digital controls allow Tracer™ building management system interface for Integrated Comfort™ systems (ICS) capability.
  • Fan is outside primary airstream and runs only when heating is required.
  • Wide range of fan airflows available from single speed motor with speed control.
  • Cooling only (VPCF), hot water reheat (VPWF), or electric reheat (VPEF) units available.

PSC Fan Sizing Quick Reference

Fan Size Fan Size Airflow Range @ 0.25" Downstream Static Pressure Airflow Range @ 0.25" Downstream Static Pressure
02SQ 02SQ 120–500 120–500
03SQ 03SQ 250–1090 250–1090
04SQ 04SQ 300–1325 300–1325
05SQ 05SQ 355–1540 355–1540
06SQ 06SQ 880–1875 880–1875
07SQ 07SQ 1000–2020 1000–2020

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.