November 2014
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Department of Energy Initiative

Advanced RTU Campaign provides tools to help reduce energy costs

have become much more frequent. And your employees and customers have been complaining lately about the comfort in your building.

Yes, you know that your aging rooftop units are costing you money. And if your own personal observations aren't compelling enough, data shows older, inefficient commercial rooftop unit (RTU) air conditioning systems can waste from $1,000 to $3,700 per unit annually, depending on the building size and type, and energy costs. By replacing or retrofitting your rooftops, you can save money, improve your energy efficiency, make your building more comfortable, and help the environment.

So, you've decided that it's time to take action, but where do you start? Should youreplace or retrofit your RTUs? What RTU is right for your building? What utility incentives are available? What do others do? The Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC) and Trane can help.

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Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator assists decision-making

The Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator (RTUCC) is an example of one of the many tools ARC provides to building owners and property managers. RTUCC assists decision-making regarding the purchase or replacement of packaged rooftop air conditioning equipment by estimating a product's lifetime energy cost savings at various efficiency levels.

This web application provides an alternative to complicated building simulation models while offering more detail than simplified estimating tools that are commonly available. While simplified tools are typically based on full-load efficiencies and full-load equivalent operating hours, the RTUCC accounts for local climate and partial-load as well as full-load efficiencies. The results obtained with the Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator can be useful to facility managers, financial officers, energy management professionals, air conditioning contractors, and other decision makers interested in maximizing both energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cooling system investments.

For assistance using the Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator, contact your Trane representative.

Precedent and Voyager rooftop units with eFlex technology answer efficiency needs

Trane offers solutions for your rooftop unit replacement needs. The light commercial packaged rooftop units - Precedent™ and Voyager™ - with Trane eFlex technology, provide building owners reliable climate control, quiet operation, low cost of ownership and efficiency.

By precisely matching output to the cooling demands of the space, Trane eFlex compressors and fans operate at their fastest levels when demand is high, and modulate to slower levels when demand is less, for an ultra-high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER, which measures efficiency at peak output) and Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER, a measurement of efficiency at variable workloads). The result: lower energy use and smaller energy bills.

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High Efficiency Rebate Program

Trane Tracer™ Concierge Puts You in Control

Technical and financial information provided by ARC

ARC offers a myriad of technical and financial information to help you:

Evaluate your needs
· Retrofit or Replace?
· Decision Tree

Find a product
· RTU Right Sizing Guidance
· RTU Comparison Calculator

Learn from others
· Guidance
· adidas Case Study

Keep informed
· Webinars

Analyze results
· RTU M&V Guidance

Finance your upgrade
· Calculators and savings tools
· Rebates, Incentives & FinancingAssistance

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