Strategic Energy Procurement and Management

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Energy is a strategic business enabler. It has hidden potential to strengthen your bottom line and raise your sustainable energy profile. Using less energy is one way to save. It is equally important to think and act more strategically about your energy supply and demand response, and Trane can help take the reins.

As an energy company, Trane® provides strategic energy procurement and energy management that can help you realize savings, lower price risk and exposure to market volatility, and achieve business results.  We can help you create a comprehensive energy plan incorporating proprietary data and forecasts, risk tolerance assessments and purchasing strategies.

Today, the world of energy is going through a transformation, creating new opportunities and challenges for both building owners and utility providers across the country, redefining how energy supply and demand are managed. Trane stays ahead of the changes to help you keep your energy costs under control.

Pay less for utilities — Trane energy procurement and energy management services employees are savvy energy shoppers who keep constant tabs on local and state utility markets and regulations nationwide.

Elevate sustainability — depending on your location, you may have a choice: buy power from traditional power sources, or specify renewable energy sources. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons and, ultimately, help you purchase that energy at the most affordable rate.

Manage risks to your budget — being surprised by a utility price surge can throw your operating budget into turmoil. Through better planning, Trane can help you avoid being caught off guard. Our energy procurement specialists have the experience and insight to help you project energy costs and build an informed energy budget.

Leverage new revenue opportunities —  integrating Trane demand response and demand management capabilities into your energy management strategy assures that your building’s energy performance is monetized.

Let’s find the energy procurement approach that works for you. At Trane, we have energy solutions that cover it all—giving you the flexibility to choose exactly the services you need from simple energy procurement to more sophisticated energy management needs.


Trane Energy Choice

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