Commercial Self-Contained R’newal™ Service Program

Commercial Self-Contained R’newal™ Service Program

The Trane Self-Contained R’newal service program is a Trane-exclusive, warranted solution to replace worn materials, restore unit performance, and provide the same reliability for replaced materials as seen on new units.

Trane self-contained air conditioning units are designed to run for decades, but are often expected to last longer, because they’re frequently difficult to replace. The Commercial Self-Contained R’newal program is designed specifically for owners who wish to sustain their equipment’s reliability and efficiency beyond industry standards.

This Trane self-contained air program is customizable for customers, allowing you to start with a base R’newal and add optional elements to address various unit needs.

The base package addresses the common wear items for mid-life units. It includes the following components:

  • Replace unit compressors (includes up to 5 year warranty)

  • Replacing power contactors

  • Replacing unit airflow control switches

  • Adding a new three phase power protection on units that do not have protection